In addition to the live celebrity concert footage, the original music written for the story is diversified. However, between the classically oriented title song which opens the film, "The Dream of Love", and the orchestral finale, "Love Come To You", the songs are mostly pop rock at the root, some with the feel of a radio hit.

Additional music to appear will include on location ethnic songs and dances, and two songs from the "Battle Of The Bands" reality show segments: 1) a hip-hop band, and 2) a heavy metal band.

The script does allow for a great deal of improvisation by actors, especially during Act II, or the second half of the film. The pictures and lyrics mainly tell the story, set against a backdrop of disturbing media reports and news clips. The viewer is led through a wide variety of music video scenes, alternately experiencing contrasting visions of beauty and destruction, romance and terror.

The forces of light and darkness are in steady competition throughout the film, and the choice of which future to choose is always an undercurrent. The idea of faith in a saving grace, a merciful and intelligent, loving higher power is ultimately the winner, but only in the final frames of the movie, from out of the apocalyptic crescendo of the finale, "Love Come To You".