The World Celebrity Peace Rally Tour

Stop The Madness is a series of celebrity Peace Concerts that stretch from New York to Tel Aviv, via the entire globe. Excerpts from these multi-ethnic concerts provide the backdrop for a feature film entitled The Dream of Love.


Rio - Capetown - Paris - Moscow - Istanbul - Kabul Mumbai - Llasa - Seoul - Manila - Tonga - Madagascar


The plot unfolds in Middle America against the backdrop of international terrorism, and weaves its way around the world, as we follow the concert tour. World tension heightens with each successive live event. The story is seen through the eyes of The Visionaries, one of the performing acts who are a pop/rock band with a message. The band members are played by actors who also sing and play original music written for the film. The "Stop the Madness" tour performers are famous music stars, interspersed with inspirational, humanitarian speakers.

Throughout the film, the survival of the tour is pitted against the forces of hate (international terrorism and tyrannical regimes), vengeance (political hawks), greed (big business), and fear (political appeasers and skeptics).

Through it all, the daily headlines, the faltering world economy, and the rumored plotting of a nuclear strike that could trigger WW III, the heartfelt vibration of the music generously forges on with its message of brotherly love, harmony, sympathy, and all the well-known Aquarian values. The message reveals an unconditional and compassionate love for all, which reaches out to humanity with one hand, but stands ready to defend itself to the death with the other.

Excerpts from some of the live, celebrity concerts will serve as the backdrop for the entire Act II of the subsequent feature film release in December 2013. Although the concert tour and the film are separate productions, they work together to promote each other.

The climactic last concert, broadcast live from the stadium outside Tel Aviv (Caesarea), culminates in a dream-like music video montage to rival the greatest of all time. It reveals humanity's clear choice between a paradise of global harmony and generosity, built on a new vision of intelligent symbiotic cooperation, sharing, and trust; or an angry, selfish back peddling toward horror and oblivion, built on the age old habits of myopic survivalism and intolerance.

Concert in New York

The premiere concert in New York is targeted for December 2012 at Madison Square Garden. It will be a non-political, non-religious, spiritual event featuring songs of celebration, peace, compassion, and brotherly love; in effect, a plea for humanity to come to its senses. It will be a pure expression of love and inspiration. Even the speakers who are politically affiliated will strictly conform to inspirational messages only.

The performers will represent all the major cultures of the world, although the All World theme will remain largely within the repertoire of popular, English language songs of inspiration and celebration, but not exclusively. Western influence must still remain key in order to promote the tour successfully.

Concert in Israel

The concert in Israel is the final segment of the film, and it is the backdrop for the films awesome finale and conclusion. The actual concert will be the 3rd concert produced, after Rio in February. It has a target date of June 2013 at the stadium outside Tel Aviv (Caesarea).

(After Cape Town in July and Paris in September of 2013, the film should be released in December, as the concert tour continues.)

Most importantly, because of the extreme sensitivity of the Tel Aviv location, there could not be and will not be any emphasis on politics or religion throughout the live concert event. Like New York, only the pure and unadulterated expression of love, compassion and brotherhood will be presented. This commitment will be insured through both contracts and delay edits, if necessary.

The overall content for this venue will be similar to New York, with even more emphasis on the All-World theme, especially artists from Palestine and Israel.

Although Jerusalem is the preferred location in the context of the films narrative, after much effort and deliberation, it is now agreed that Tel Aviv is the right choice because of size of venue and security demands. Nevertheless, dramatic footage and images of the ancient holy city of Jerusalem will be strategically integrated within both the televised concert event and the subsequent feature film production. This footage will contain some gorilla style shoots, including interviews on the street, as well as a solo celebrity performance at dawn beneath the shadows of the sacred architecture.

One 3-hour concert is sufficient, but the length can be increased to festival proportions. The principal actors (TBA) from The Visionaries, can be dubbed into this final concert scene during subsequent feature film production, although a live appearance by the band would be preferred if the casting and timing of the film production allows.

One of the spin-offs contemplated for this music film project is the development of a weekly television show entitled Live From Tel Aviv. Great artists and humanitarian speakers, from all over the world, would reserve an extra stop on their world tours in order to perform on Network TV in a Friday night variety show from a soundstage in Tel Aviv, for the cause of world peace. The probable urgency of future global events would stimulate celebrity participation. The ultimate spin-off would be the formation of The Peace Channel.

World Concerts

The proposed 14-city tour (Stop The Madness) must be flexible and adaptive to different venues and locations. Some locations may change. The critically essential venues would be in New York and Tel Aviv. Concerts will be of different sizes and orientations. The message will remain constant.

For the purpose of the proposed feature film (The Dream of Love) many locations will be contrived, with the use of sets, soundstages, and facsimile locations. Combined with the live concert footage from New York, Rio, Tel Aviv, Cape Town and Paris, all 14 venues will be represented in the film, however briefly. Moreover, it is anticipated that additional concerts in the U.S. and Israel may be called for after the film release, as the peace train continues.

The vision of all major cultures being represented in this concert tour, as well as in the cinematic panorama of the feature film, should not be compromised.

In addition to film and TV, other broadcast forms will also have an important role in the distribution mix. Satellite and Internet technology will help to make the shows as accessible as possible, even to include some remote areas of the world.

Aquarius College Of World Peace

The proposed non-profit entity (501c) to be attached to the concert tour shall receive a portion of the profits from the tour. The proposal is a University to be built in Jerusalem, and to be founded by four Israeli and Palestinian cum laude graduates. The detailed information regarding this venture is available upon request.