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Proposed Non Profit Corporation (501c) ​ ​

A large portion of the profits from the gross revenue derived from each Stop the Madness concert/rally will be contributed to the founding of an educational venue dedicated to peaceful activism.

Executive Summary

The purpose of the 501c would be to create a College of World Peace to be located in the city of Jerusalem. The 4 founders of the College will be:

A) 2 Palestinian cum laude students (1 male, 1 female)

B) 2 Israeli cum laude students (1 male, 1 female).

Other requirements would be no past criminal or terrorist associations, as well as a track record of showing non-partisan concern for humanitarian issues.

The 4 founders would be selected by an adult panel of 12 members, consisting of 8 educators equally from both Palestinian and Israeli territories, plus the executive committee (4 members including Clark Shattuck) of the non-profit entity, which will select the 8 educators. The executive committee, to be named by Mr. Shattuck, will include at least one high profile entity of the highest credentials.

The spending priorities for the 1st year will be the salaries for the 4 founders and the initial office, to be situated in the most politically neutral section possible within the city of Jerusalem. Other priorities include IT and communications systems, office related costs, furniture, maintenance.

An equal priority will be the development of a small staff to assist in the solicitation of the financing necessary for the building of a world-class college specializing in geo-political problem solving.


In addition to managing the fund-raising, the additional activities of the founders will be the research and development of:

a) A proposed curriculum which shall have as its main themes the political and social roots of modern world unrest, and the proposed solutions

b) A corresponding staff of professors and materials

c) The formation of a charter or declaration of principles espousing the Aquarian values as the intellectual foundation of the College, citing examples in human history of people and events that have materially affected political or social change through the non-violent promotion and reflection of those values of harmony, understanding, sympathy, love, brotherhood, justice, honesty, creativity.